Correspondence Course (IBPS Bank PO/IBPS Bank Clerk)

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Career Power’s Correspondence Course is the closest that one can get to a classroom programme for IBPS BANK EXAM preparation. This course has been prepared based on our experience, more than half a decade in successfully training thousands of students for IBPS Bank PO, IBPS Bank Clerk and other Bank Entrance exams. The well-researched course material in our Correspondence Course ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, with solved examples, short-cuts and strategies for improvement of performance. The basic concepts that are taught in the classroom sessions, covering various test areas are put together in the form of booklets that will ensure that you derive the same benefits as from the classroom programme. Our course material is widely acknowledged by students as the most exhaustive and up-to-date in the market.

Course Content

The course enables the students to learn at a pace that is convenient to them. The material is comprehensive and developed with great care to ensure phased learning. Every module has been developed keeping in mind the various patterns and question types that have appeared over several years. Developed by experts, the study material coherently helps the student develop the skills required in different areas. The large number of practice exercises creates test conditions and also provide vital practice. These exercises are supplemented by detailed explanations.
Largely, our study material is based on the current pattern of IBPS Bank Clerk Exam and IBPS Clerk Exam. To See the detail about IBPS Syllabus, click here.

Online Test and Practice exercises:

Students can test themselves with the number of exhaustive tests which are available online every saturday. Career Power Provides100 Tests (30 on IBPS PO + 30 on Clerk+20 SBI PO Associates +20 SBI Clerk Associates) over a period of one year to help students assess their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement.

Magazine Subscription:

A student preparing for IBPS Banking Exams must keep abreast of national and international events. Written tests have a section devoted to questions on Current events and Business Awareness. Moreover the GD & PI process includes students’ opinions and ideas on relevant current issues. Again, the fact that last minute study is not a reality, spreading this over the period of the course enables the student to be more aware and attuned to all the facets of the selection process. Career Power provides its students a monthly magazine for 3 months to correspondence course students, which caters to all above requirements.